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Replacements of flowers and gifts

We work for our customers and our experts do their job at a high level, providing the highest quality services.
In certain circumstances, it is necessary to substitute flowers in the composition or goods, and the company reserves the right to do so. We can explain the seasonality of some flowers.
Some seasonal flowers may be absent, and then we replace them with counterparts at the same price or ones that do not change the overall color scheme of the arrangement.
Usually, if it`s possible, we inform you about the replacement.
Important events such as weddings or anniversary or any other occasion may need the order of delivery. If in such cases we are unable to contact you by phone or email, but there will be a need to replace the goods - we will do it. And our florists will select analog flowers, which will fit the bouquet for the same price, or even exceeding the cost.
We work with the delivery to different countries, so the composition of bouquets and arrangements` design could have their specific features depending on the region, and also differ from the picture at the site.
Cakes - examples presented on the site may vary depending on country. We are trying to find analogues that match descriptions.
Toys - examples presented on the site may differ slightly from real depending on the region.
It is important for us to make customers happy, so we try to provide the highest quality delivery services to each customer.
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