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Possibility to cancel the orders

After making order, there can be some reasons to make a cancelation. If it is that – please, contact our managers as soon as you can and we will cancel you booking or change it.
Conditions of canceling the order:
  • when the request hasn`t been handed to the florists and the arrangement hasn`t been created yet;
  • if we didn`t prepare exclusive flowers or presents for you, so you can cancel it without cost
In other circumstances, a full refunding will not be realized.
You can transfer the payment for services onto your personal balance and use it in the calculation for future purchases. Or we will return your money.
If there are some problems with the correctness of the specified delivery address, and there is no possibility to find a recipient, we`ll immediately contact with you. You may have the opportunity to redirect an order to another recipient in the same city.
In case of you select one city on our website but another one in the ordering form – it can be treated as the request with wrong data.
The cost of delivery services can vary depending on the city and region: it can influent the full price of order. If the cost of sending into specified city is more than one entered in the order, we`ll receive for additional payment. When it`s on opposite – we will return the difference.
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