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Sacredness Of a Lotus Flower in Different Cultures

Do you know why this amazing flower is known as sacred in different cultures? We are going to tell you about secrets of lotus: why its petals cannot be soiled and what a role is acting by the lotus in our life? This flower is connected with a lot of stories and legends, and we have collected some of them for you.

The beautiful flower in the human lifeSacred lotuses

We know about lotuses from the immemorial time. They were used as decoration elements, a sacred symbol, medical mean, and even as a food. The father of History Herodotus was writing about these wonderful blooms.

Lotuses in Egypt

Sacred lotuses

Ancient Egyptians lived near the sacred river Nile. It was their only source of water for field irrigation. So, people used to monitor the level of a water. That why the proverb vas born:

Maybe this is a reason why lotus is known as the symbol of harvest and resurrection. Ancient Egyptians believed that this flower is the source of life power and it is the plant of gods.

Lotuses in Egypt

People in Egypt depict lotus like Pharaoh's throne. The flower became one of the symbols of kings and gods power. For example, the main wife of Egyptian Pharaoh Nefertiti was wearing jewellery of the shape of the lotus. But not only Egyptian queen was full in love of this flower. All the people of Egypt loved and revered these plants. Lotus became a real symbol of the country. Pictures of lotus were everywhere – on the walls of castles, temples and tombs, and even on coins and weapons.Sacred lotuses

When in 1881 archaeologists found the sepulchre of Pharaoh Ramses II and the princess Ni-Honsu they saw a few buds of blue lotus that spent more than 3000 years buried. That is another confirmation of Egyptians` love to lotuses.

Indians and lotuses

Sacred lotuses
Ancient Indians had another understanding of the Universe. They think that the Earth is a flower of lotus on the water. The lotus is the most favourite flower for Indians until now. People of this country image paradise like a big lake with a lot of lotuses where the most righteous souls live.
Sacred lotuses
People of India also think that the place of the lotus is near to gods. According to legends, Buddha, Sri Lakshmi, Vishnu and Brahma were born into the flowers of lotus. That why lotus is the symbol of fertility, birth and the protector of women.
Sacred lotuses

Indians like to draw flowers of lotus in the skin. Many people believe that the simple image of this flower can give the good luck and help to recover. Some women paint themselves by pictures of lotus every day just for beauty. Also, you can see lotuses that depicted in clothes, cars and even animals in India.
Sacred lotuses
It is wonder how many the simple flower means in different cultures! What do you think about it? Do you believe that some flowers can heal a human? We think yes, because flowers give us a good mood, and it is very fine for our health. Order the most beautiful flowers with delivery from
Last updated: 2016-07-27
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Author: Anastasia Chepurna
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