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Madame Yevonde: Colorful Photographing and Female Characters

What do you know about a photo art at the beginning of an era of the colorful photography? This technology of making photo needs another vision of objects. That`s why a lot of photographers of that time didn`t use colorful photographing. But some of them became a pioneers of shoots in color. 
We are going to present you the legendary photo artist who ahead of her time. This is a woman with name Yevonde Cumbers Middleton. But she became famous as Madame Yevonde.

She was from the United Kingdom of Britain, but she got a liberal education in France and Belgium. She became famous when she started to work as a photographer in London.  
This woman became one of first photographers who made photo portraits in color. Colorful photos were amazing without anything else that time, but Madame Yevonde didn`t make only shot of faces. She tried to create unusual history and characters in every photo. She was a dreamer and she wanted to make her dreams true on her photos.
Madame Yevonde`s photos
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She liked to use flowers in her compositions. Her favorite combination was a woman with flowers. Also she liked to photograph animals and home furnishings.
The biggest part of Madame Yevonde photo shoots were made in photostudio with using fabric background and lamplight. Some photos were created with candlelight
.Madame Yevonde`s photos
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One series of her photos was named «Goddesses». She presented her vision of Greek and Roman goddesses. This series became the most famous of her works.
Another series shows us nude women in their daily activities. This series was very provocative.
Madame Yevonde`s photos
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Her works talk about extraordinary women who can command nature. Madame Yevonde showed independent female sexuality, and that`s why she is named a one of first artists of art-feminism nowadays.
In 1936 she was commissioned by Fortune magazine to shoot the last stages in the fitting out of the new Cunard liner, the Queen Mary. This was very different from Yevonde's common work, but the shoot was an achievement.
Another important overthrow was being invited to take photos of leading peers to mark the coronation of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth.
Madame Yevonde`s photos
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Last updated: 2015-11-10
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasia Chepurna
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