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Flowers for Different Ages

The art of selecting and giving presents is the whole science! with our favourite clients year after year learn  this science, and now we can share with you secrets of choosing one of the brightest and emotional gift - a bouquet of flowers.

How to choose flowers for?...


The baby is unable to enjoy the beauty and elegance of a bouquet. But baby captures the emotions of his mother, so it is wise to pick flowers for mother and not for a child. Consider that the young mother is very tired and wants to rest.  Flower bouquet can express all your emotions without any words; therefore, it is the perfect tool for greetings.

Firstly, choose hypoallergenic flowers without a sharp flavour, secondly, let it be flowers in gentle tones, not bright. You can choose the colour of the bouquet regarding the sex of the baby - pink for girls and blue for boys, but this is optional. Roses, calla lilies, tulips and gypsophilas are good for this gift. But the best variant is a bouquet of orchids.

Flowers for the baby
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Children just begin to explore the world, and so this gift will be not only enjoyable but also interesting for them. Some people mistakenly believe that flowers are inappropriate for a boy, but remember that such a present especially interesting for the small researcher.

Kids like bright colours, so choose a bouquet for a few colours, but be careful! Large, complex shape and too colourful bouquets are not good for children and may even scare them. It is better to choose a small bouquet of flowers. Usually, children appreciate gerberas, carnations and tulips.

Flowers for children
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Selection of a bouquet for a teenager is probably the most difficult. Universal advice can be to choose flower bouquet of flowers in the unusual colour - purple, blue or green. If you know the tastes of a teenager your choice of a bouquet is much easier. For example, you can choose a bouquet of flowers that appear in the favourite film of the girl.

Flowers for teenagers
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Young person

Any flowers can be appropriate at the birthday of the young person! Creative bouquets and bouquets in the certain concept are always hit in the eye. If you are going to the birthday of the girl, the gorgeous floral composition will be a good choice. Choose a concise bouquet for the guy. For example, it may be a vertical form bouquet.

Flowers for young people
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Adult person

If you are choosing a flower bouquet for the adult person, you should look at compositions in red, orange and cream colour. This colour can help you to express the honour to the addressee. Also, you can choose white flowers. Anthurium and another rare flower can be a good choice. If you are in a very good relationship with someone, you can give her or him mischievous bouquet of colourful flowers.

Flowers for adults
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So, picking a bouquet for a loved one's birthday is not the easiest task. But if you approach the work with attention and warm feelings in the heart, the result will exceed all expectations! The team of highly qualified managers and florists always of is always glad to help you to create a gift that will be perfect!

Last updated: 2016-07-25
Section: Articles
Author: Anastasia Chepurna
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